OpenRec is an open-source and modular library for neural network-inspired recommendation algorithms

State of the art recommendation algorithms are increasingly complex and no longer one-size fits all. Advances often address specific scenarios. OpenRec provides a modular architecture to easily adapt, extend, and compare algorithms for heterogeneous use cases. We developed the framework for:

  • researchers to develop and evaluate algorithms across a range of use cases
  • practitioners to customize state-of-the-art solutions
  • Get Started

    Get Started

    To install, run this command:

    pip install openrec


    Longqi Yang, Eugene Bagdasaryan, Joshua Gruenstein, Cheng-Kang Hsieh, and Deborah Estrin. 2018. OpenRec: A Modular Framework for Extensible and Adaptable Recommendation Algorithms. In Proceedings of WSDM’18, February 5–9, 2018, Marina Del Rey, CA, USA, 9 pages. DOI:


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